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Hostal Nacional

We’ll like you to meet Hostal Nacional, a unique concept with the best location, great rooms and amenities that match any expectations.

We transformed a classic construction within the most romantic zone in Guadalajara city, bringing a modern interior design to this project, making it the first Hostal Boutique in México.

The hostal offers:

COMFORT. Spaces, amenities and first class services.
ENVIRONMENT. Design, furniture, accessories and equipment
LOCATION. Direct access to the best area of the city
ECONOMY. Facilities of a boutique hotel at the hostel price
ATTENTION. Personalised attention to each of your needs

What you might ask?

Prices, operating hours (check in and check out).

* The cost per night per person with shared bathroom with other guests , is $ 320 pesos (tax included)
* The cost per night per person in shared room but with individual bathroom, is $ 350.00 pesos (tax included)
* The cost for a group of 6 people in the same room with bath $ 1,950.00 pesos (tax included)
Our reception works from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

We have direct payment by credit card on our website.

List of common areas with their description and amenities.

· Entrance.
· Stay area with tables and furniture for at least 50 people.
· Outdoors terrace on 1st level.
· Kitchen.
· Equipped bussinnes center area.
· Equipped television area.
· Ground floor bathroom.
· Terrace Bar on 3rd level.
· Bathrooms for Men/Women on 3td level.

Description of each room , with amenities that count, number of guests per room , special notes.

Our Hotel has 3 Mixed dormitories at second level and 2 separated by gender on the 3rd level (1 of Men and Women other).

We have 5 bedrooms , one with 4 bunks with a maximum capacity of 8 people and 4 bedrooms with 3 bunks beds each and can accommodate up to 6 people in each of these rooms.

Each bed has a personal locker and has also an individual electric contact to connect phone your personal devices, computer, phones, tablets, etc.

We have a shared bathrooms area with 4 showers and 3 W.C. on 2nd level.

We also have complete separated bathrooms on 3rd level (Shower, toilet, handwash), one for men and one for women.

Places of interest outside the hostel.

Direct access to Lopez Cotilla street. This Street has over 100 restaurants and bars around our facilities.

* The historic center is a 03 - minute drive.

Centro Magno Mall center, one of the 3 major shopping malls in the city is a 01 - minute walk away. (Restaurants, cinemas, bars, cafes, technological square for phone & Lap tops repair and clothing stores)

Bowling place. 05 - minute walk.

Av. Vallarta. 01 minute walk.

Av . La Paz. 01 minute walk.

Av. Americas. 01 minute walk.

* On the streets mentioned before, you can find all public and private transports (Taxi , UBER ,) to move to any part of the city.

* Restaurants and cafes areas, we are just 5 blocks away from Av . Chapultepec, which has the best atmosphere of the city.

Calendar of activities:

We’ll let you know upon arrival at the hostel the timetable and schedule of different and fun activities to do during your stay.

(Examples: Beer pong , beer 2x1, games, Connection City Tours, restaurant and bar info.)

Bathrooms, what we’ll give you during your stay.

Bath towels, soap and shampoo during your stay (free of charge)

We have for sale razors, toothbrushes, hair gel, and other personal hygiene in the reception.

Services offered by the hostel

Collect calls in reception, free internet, lockers inside the room to leave luggage, kitchen so that each guest can cook their own food and a dining area.

The hostel has also a restaurant.

Connection Tours.

Connection Travel Agencies.

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